Eriocaulon of Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam

Preparing for the Flora of Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam-ການສຶກສາພືດຕະກຸນຫຍ້າຫົວຫງອກໃນເຂດອີນໂດຈີນ

Welcome to Eriocaulon of Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam

Eriocaulaceae was carried out by Lecomte in the Flore Générale de l’Indo-Chine 7: 1 – 18 (1912), and the checklist of Lao’s vascular plants was reported [1]. The under collection of specimens and many undiscovered areas, especially, the species diversity of this family in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam is still poorly known. Therefore, this project will be focused on the species diversity of the Eriocaulaceae in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.


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